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Monday, 19 November 2007, 11:59 GMT
Firemen deliver bouncing baby boy

Two Dublin firefighters are playing down their midwifery skills after delivering a bouncing baby boy in the back of an ambulance.

Ron Hickey and Brian Cosgrave, who are attached to Dolphin's Barn firestation in the city, assisted the pregnant lady in her hour of need on Monday morning.

They were taking her from her home in Ballyfermot to the Coombe Women's Hospital when they realised the baby was on its way.

They had to pull over a short distance away from the hospital, where the woman, in her 30s, gave birth. She was accompanied by her husband throughout.

A spokesperson for Dolphin's Barn fire station pointed out that Dublin firefighters are also trained paramedics.

"Dublin Fire Brigade is quite unique in that it is the only fire service in Europe which delivers a dual role - fire and rescue and A&E services," he said.

"The Fire Brigade provides 12 emergency ambulances in conjunction with the health boards, with all operational firefighters rotating from fire to ambulance duties.

"The firefighters in question were rostered on the ambulance last night."

He said firefighters would be involved with the delivery of a baby on a monthly basis.

"It really is part of a day's work," he said.

"In fact, it shows the diverse roles played by the crew. One of the firefighters involved rescued a 12-year-old boy from under 16ft of water earlier this year. We have dubbed him the Baywatch firefighter.

"The crew deliver babies when they are back on ambulance duties."