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Monday, 12 November 2007, 12:59 GMT
Residents fired up by smoke alarm

A group of elderly residents have said their quality of life is ruined by a fire alarm which repeatedly goes off in their sheltered homes in Leicester.

They said the alarm is set off in 40 rooms in Gumbrill House every time someone burns toast or fries food.

Outside of working hours it is switched off by contractors - which residents claim can take more than two hours.

The city council said they appreciate the noise is unsettling and have asked fire crews to consider turning it off.

'Affecting health'

One male resident said: "They [contractors] can be anywhere in England - Manchester, Coventry, anywhere.

"Sometimes it'll go off twice a week, sometimes it can go three or four months without going off.

"It [the alarm] is very loud - too loud to sit in... it's affecting our health."

The alarm can be switched off by wardens during normal working hours.