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Tuesday, 6 November 2007, 12:59 GMT
Council tip reopens after blaze

Falkirk Council is set to partially reopen the Roughmute tip after it was destroyed by fire seven months ago.

Householders will be able to take waste for recycling and disposal to the site at Denny from Monday, 12 November.

Since April, those wishing to use the tip for domestic and commercial waste have had to travel to the Kinneil Kerse recycling centre in Bo'ness

The council said traders using the permit system should continue to use the Bo'ness amenity until next year.

The site was destroyed by an accidental blaze in the facility's 18ft-deep pit, which was used to store waste.

The local authority said plans to upgrade the Roughmute tip into a modern recycling centre were affected by the fire but that it would reopen fully in 2008.