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Monday, 5 November 2007, 10:59 GMT
Warning issued over bonfire night

Fire crews across Merseyside and Cheshire are warning people to take extra care as they prepare for bonfire night.

There were more than 400 call outs in the two counties over the weekend.

The fire services said people need to give careful thought before they hold a bonfire party and make sure the proper precautions are taken.

They said many people take more risks with fires and fireworks after alcohol at a house party.

Phil Garrigan, a St Helens firefighter, said: "We are not killjoys and we aren't saying you can't have a bonfire. But it must be supervised, you've got to have an adult there and you've got to keep it in your back garden - you can't go on to park land."

"Don't put them under trees or too close to your garden shed or house.

"You'd like to think it was common sense but sometimes when people have a party and alcohol is involved, common sense goes out the window and their behaviour becomes more risky.

"A bonfire can very easily turn into a house fire and fireworks have the power to maim or worse and we don't want that to happen."