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Thursday, 1 November 2007, 21:59 GMT
Fireworks may have caused blaze

A family of four escaped unhurt after a fire, thought to have been started by fireworks, broke out on the ground floor of their two storey home.

They were asleep upstairs when the blaze started at the house in Ramsay Road, Headington, on Wednesday night.

Mike Adcock from Oxfordshire fire and rescue service said they are lucky to be alive.

He said they had a smoke detector installed in the house which triggered the alarm.

Oxfordshire County Council Fire and Rescue Service and Thames Valley Police have appealed to people to take extra care this bonfire weekend.

'Safety plan'

Fire investigation officer Guy Dunkley said: "Young people need to be aware of the consequences of playing with fireworks and the possible devastating effect it can have on the community.

"Events like these enforce the importance of having a home fire safety plan.

"Luckily this particular family had a working smoke alarm in their home which alerted them to the fire."

Thames Valley Police have asked for anyone with information about the fire to contact them.