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Saturday, 11 May, 2002, 11:23 GMT 12:23 UK
Picture gallery: Potters Bar investigation

Images of the investigation into the Potters Bar rail crash in which a passenger train derailed en route from London to Norfolk.

Crash scene
Every inch of the crash site is being searched

Crash scene
Up to 40 police officers are helping in the search

A police officer lays flowers at station
Flowers are being placed at Potters Bar station

Wheelchair at the scene
The search could take several days

Engineers at the scene of the crash
Engineers covered the points at the centre of the

The carriage which sheared off
The rear carriage became wedged under the canopy of
the station roof.

Police guard bogey
A police officer guards the train's detached bogey wheels

The damaged train
Three of the four train carriages derailed

Police officers at Potters Bar station
Police maintained a presence overnight at the station

King's Cross station
Passengers wait for information at King's Cross station

Damaged cars at Potters Bar
Cars beneath a road bridge were damaged when the
train crashed